Triple Thing by Brandon

My instrument is called the Triple Thing. I got the idea for making my musical instrument from looking at the different things that I could use. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. One interesting thing about my instrument is that it does three things. You can shake it, bang it on the side or bang it on the top.

To make the instrument I used the following materials: felt, coffee can, mailing tube and rice. I found my materials from items brought in by my teachers, Mrs. M.

I made my instrument by first cutting a hole in the bottom of the coffee can. I then taped a piece of paper over the mailing tube. I then pushed the tube into the hole in the bottom of the can. Next I hot glued the felt to the outside of the can. I then put rice into the can and put the plastic lid back on the can. One person who helped me was Mrs. M. She helped me hot glue the felt to the outside and bottom of the can. The biggest problem I had while making the instrument was getting the felt to stay on.