Yaysage by Ayneé

The name of my instrument is Yaysage. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. It is black and blue with white letters on it saying Yaysage.

I used a butter container, rice, wax paper, spray paint, tempera paint, and rubber bands. All of my materials came from Mrs. M's house and from school. I used scissors, tape, and my hands to make my instrument.

My instrument wasn't really difficult to make. It was harder to think about it than to make it, believe it or not. Mrs. M spray painted the butter container, I painted the letters on with tempra paint and made a few designs. Then I took the wax paper and put a rubber band around the top and bottom.

I had one problem. I had lost my lid, but I thought about something that could substitute for the lid instead and I came up with the wax paper. It makes a better sound, when the rice hits the wax paper than the lid.


The way you play my instrument is you turn it upside down and you pluck the rubber band on the wax paper, you can shake it or you can it the bottom of the container. To change the volume or pitch you pluck the rubber band harder or softer, shake it harder or softer, or hit the bottom harder or softer.

I was sort of nervous about doing the project because I didn't know exactly what I was going to do. I liked making the project in class. It was fun because we could use our imaginations. I learned that it isn't very easy to think of and make and instrument that nobody else has though of yet.