Thought up by Angela Barberi, 5th grade


my instrument is a percussion "membranofono". The membrane is made of cardboard, the sound is quite loud.


colored adhesive paper

a box (from some processed cheese)

a piece of string

4 beads

scotch tape (adhesive ribbon for paper, white and transparent)

colored paper

one magazine

tempera paint




paint brush



Take an empty cheese box.

Open the box and insert the string through two holes and attach them all around with scotch tape.

Take the 4 beads, attach two at a time to the ends of the string, make two knots to hold them in place.

Take a magazine, torn up a little bit, and roll it up, securing it with scotch tape, forming a tube.

Make a hole in the box and insert one end of the tube, attach it with the scotch tape and close the box.

Paint the box and decorate it with paper flowers.

Wrap the tube with colored paper and scotch tape.

Thanks to John Lewis for translation!