Rosetta Margoni, the teacher, talks about this project at her school.

(Translated by her son, Giorgio.)

The students usually make such things in "technology" or music classes, but not this time. Instead, we developed optional classes, in mixed groups with pupils between age 6 and 8 years old, or 8 and 10 years old (in our case, 8-10), introducting projects about "interculturality". My group was making "music and instruments of the world". The project lasted three months. So first we saw that peoples of the world make instruments with the materials they have, and then...after finding your site (probably in google, but I don't even remember actually how it came out....I was really impressed by your website), we just started making instrument ourselves (at school, during classes).

At the end of the project, all the pupils of the school were gathered, and the kids of my groups showed and played their instruments to the others.

There was no competition for the best instruments.

As to marks or grading...we had to give some mark, but the basic criteria were enthusiasm and participation, more than actual results.

The kids were very excited to know that you were interested in their work!

Here at this school the general teachers teach all subjects, except foreign languages (here, because of geographical historical-reasons,German, and since last year, English as well) and religion.


Some projects at the school (in Italian)

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