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Anthony's Drums

by Anthony M.

My instrument is a drum set. It belongs to the percussion family. I got the idea from listening to music with drum solos in it. It sounded fun and interesting.
To make my drums, I used three coffee cans of different sizes. I filled one can with water to create a different sound. Other materials included construction paper and markers, plastic lids, and pencils for drumsticks. I found all the materials in my home.

To make my drum set I decided to use two cans of the same size and one can that was smaller. One of the two big cans was filled with water. The other was not. I also experimented with sound waves by hitting the plastic top of one and the metal top of another. My Mom helped me with ideas and writing. I did the rest.

I play my instrument by striking the different cans with two pencils. The pitch is higher when I hit the metal can, then the rubber top. The can filled with water absorbs the sound waves and produces a muffled sound.

I liked this project because it made me use my imagination and it was hands on. I learned that there are ways to make different sounds through pitch and vibration based on using different materials.