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The Algonquin Drum

by Brian H.

The instrument I made is called the Algonquin Drum. I made my drum a little differently than the book I used instructed. This instrument is in the percussion family because you have to hit it so it can make sound. The reason I chose this instrument to make is because I have wanted to play the drum for a long time.
The material I used for the drum was an oatmeal container, paper bag, rice, beans, felt, feathers, rubber bands, string, and two wooden sticks. I also needed scissors, glue and a pencil. Most of the items I used were found around my house.

The first step of making the drum is that we needed to get all the materials together. Then we covered the sides of the oatmeal container with felt. We placed the top of the container on the opened paper bag and, with a pencil, we traced around the container on the paper. We made a larger circle, about 2 inches from the first circle and then cut it out. We put both of the circles on the top of the container and put rubber bands on it to hold the circles. Then we decorated it.

The problem in making this drum was that, before we put the felt on, we tried to paint the oatmeal container, but you could still see the words on the container. We also had hard time finding the materials we used.

I had fun making the instrument, but I did not have fun writing the paper. My favorite part of making it was decorating it.