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by James A.

The name of my instrument is the Shake-A-Drum. I got the idea of it because I saw it on the Internet. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. One interesting detail about my instrument is there are three ways you can play it. You can hit it like a drum, shake it like a maraca and you can scratch it like a wash board.

The materials I used for my instrument were leather, felt, paint, a rubber band and a can. The can I got from Mrs. Rexford and the rest of my materials were in my house.

I made my instrument by, first, taking the can and fitting the felt on to one side of it. Then I took the leather and fitted that on the open side of the can. Then my Mom held the leather in place while I put the rubber band around it. Then I painted the felt green and blue. My Mom helped me by buying the leather and felt. The mailman helped me by giving me a rubber band. I made the whole instrument except the can, leather and felt. The only problem in the process was the rubber band snapped twice.

My instrument is played like a drum, like a wash board (by scratching the ridges on the side of the can) and like a maraca. The drum makes a very low sound and the wash board sounds very high. The shaker is your decision. You can shake it really hard and it will make a soft sound. Shake it lot and it will make a shrill sound.

My reaction to the project was that it was so sudden. I enjoyed painting my instrument. I learned that making an instrument can be fun.