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Catrina's Guitar

by Catrina D.

The name of my instrument is the guitar. I got the idea of making a guitar from T.V. My instrument is a part of the string family. Its pitch is low. My instrument's volume is high.
I used a shoe box, a music stand box, and rubber bands. I found them around the house, in other words, under my bed and in the junk drawer. A rectangle, a square rectangle, and a rubber string.

To make it, I cut a place for the top part. Then I cut a circle in the bottom. I then stuck the top part in. later on I poked holes for the rubber bands and tied them on. My Mom helped me tie the rubber bands. I made the top brown part and the hole in the middle. The problem I had was in tying the rubber bands.

To make it, get a shoe box, scissors, rubber bands, and a rectangular box. cut a hole in the shoe box and slide the rectangular box inside the shoe box. Next, cut a circle in the middle of the shoe box. Cut the rubber bands. Then put holes in the top brown part and under the hole part. Finally, tie the rubber bands and you are done. To change the volume and pitch, spin your finger around the rubber band and pluck.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't very excited about doing this project. I liked learning how to make my instrument, though. I learned how to change volume and pitch.