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Chris' Pan Flute

by Chris F.

Here is some information on how to make a musical instrument called the Pan Flute. How I got the idea of making it was from finding it in a book about sounds and instruments. After doing some more researching and looking up in encyclopedias and sound dictionaries, I found that it was in the wind family. It looks like an instrument with pipes in rows, from big pipes to little pipes. It sounds like bottles filled with water or empty bottles. The tone quality is a mix of bad and good tones. The harder you blow, the louder the volume. Also, the smaller the pipe, the higher the pitch.
The materials I used to make this instrument were PVC piping, sand paper, tape, PVC glue, and decorations so it will look nice. First, I took a saw, cut the PVC piping into eight smaller pieces. The smallest pipe was three inches long. The fourth pipe was four inches long, the third pipe was five inches. The next ones were six, seven, eight and nine inches long. Then I sanded the sides and the edges to make them smooth. I glued and taped them together. Then I decided to make it look nice. That is how I made it and those were my materials.

This how I made my musical instrument. When I was making my instrument I did not make it all by myself. I needed some help. So, my brother helped me in some ways. First, he sawed the piping for me, then I sanded most of them down. We both stuffed the ends with modeling clay. I taped the pipes together so they would hold when playing it. I decorated it to make it look nice. That is how I made my musical instrument with some help from my older brother, Brian.

This is how my musical instrument sounds and how to use it. First, this is how you use it. Put the pipes right under your bottom lip. Point it down and then blow. You can change the volume by blowing harder or softer. The sound of my instrument is like the sound of a bottle that is empty, then filled with water to make it sound a different pitch. Sometimes you may have to blow hard for the smallest pipe to work. That is how my musical instrument sounds and how it works.

This is what I liked about making my instrument. I really like the decorating part because I like to do art. Art brings out the creativity in myself. It was also fun because I can decorate it any way I want to. I learned that you could do anything if you try your best at art, and that I am good at making some stuff.