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The Shaker

by Carson H.

My instrument's name is The Shaker. I got the idea for making it by just finding some stuff around the house. My instrument belongs to the percussion family because you have to shake it. It looks like a circle with a painting on it, but it sounds like a maracas. The volume is kind of high and low at the same time.
The materials I used for my instrument are two paper plates, some macaroni, staples, and some paint. To make this instrument, you have to get two paper plates. Put uncooked macaroni in one of the plates and then put the other plate on top. Now you are ready to staple. Staple around the edges. After you are done stapling, you can start painting. Paint whatever you want. Then let it dry.

I made my instrument by putting macaroni inside of one of the plates and stapled another plate on top. Then I painted it. My Mom helped me by buying the macaroni. My brother's girlfriend helped me by giving me the paper plates. I made the whole instrument by myself.

You can play my instrument by simply shaking it. It gets louder the harder you shake it. You can hit my instrument or shake it. It still makes nice loud or soft sound.

My reaction to this project was: why do we have to do this, but it turned out kind of fun in the end. My favorite part about making my instrument was the part when I had to paint.