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Colorful Rain Stick

by Dana M.

The name of my instrument is the Colorful Rain Stick. I got my idea from the rain stick in the music room. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. My instrument is colorful. Its pitch is high. The volume can be loud or soft. The tone quality is a shaky sound.
The materials I used were some colorful decorations, a long tube and two wooden tops. I found the long tube at Home Depot, which I didn't have to pay for and the decorations from my colorful book. I used this long tube and color pages to cut out the stuff I drew. I used nails and things from Home Depot.

I made my instrument with a long tube and made pictures of my instrument. My Daddy helped me put the two wooden tops on the two ends of the tub. My sister put the decorations on the rain stick. My Daddy had trouble putting the two wooden tops on there, but then we solved it by putting some tape on both sides.

I play my instrument different ways because that's how it works. I can change the volume by shaking it loud and soft. I can shake my instrument up, down, side to side, diagonally and rolling it and shaking it.

I think it's nice to play it and nice to hear it. It was beautiful and colorful. I like the sound, the decorations and the way it looks. I like how I played it, too. I learned that when I first played it, it was fun. I learned that if something is not going in, use tape and that will keep it from coming out.