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by Erin H.
The name of my instrument is "Stuff". At first, I was going to make a flute-like instrument, but I had some problems so I decided to do what I did. My instrument belongs to the percussion family because you have to hit it to et a sound. The volume can get louder or softer. It all depends on how hard you hit the boxes. The pitch changes if you hit different boxes because they have different things in them. My instrument is black and ha aper clips, pennies, beads, and other stuff on it.
To make my instrument I used two toilet paper rolls, black tape, plastic boxes, beads, paper clips, pennies, hook clips, twisted metal things, string, and a glue gun. I found the toilet paper rolls in my bathroom. I found the black tape in a drawer in my dining room. I found the bead, hook clips, string, and the metal things in my room. I found the paper clips in my attic and I got the glue gun from my uncle.

For my instrument, I took toilet paper rolls and taped them together with black tape. Then I took some string and glued it to the toilet paper rolls. Then I put different things in each plastic box, and then I glued the plastic boxes on the end of the strings. Finally, I decorated my instrument with stuff I found around my house. My mom helped me when I had problems and my mom would tell me what I could do to fix them. My dad went to my uncle's house to get their glue gun so I could glue everything I needed to. I made the black pipe thing and the boxes with the stuff in them. The problems that I had were the flute that I originally wanted to make didn't work because of the sound, so I decided to to do something that you hit. Also, at first I wanted beads to be in all of the boxes but they all sounded the same when I hit them so my mom said that I could put all different kinds of things in the boxes, so I did. The last problem I had was that the bead wouldn't stay on the toilet paper roll, so my dad went and borrowed my uncle's glue gun because it is stronger glue.

The way I play my instrument is either by tapping the boxes with my hands or fingers or by hitting the plastic boxes with a pencil or stick. I can change the volume by hitting the plastic boxes harder or softer. I can change the pitch by hitting different plastic boxes because there are different things in them. There isn't really another way to play my instrument because it's really simple and it's hard to make another way possible.

I didn't really want to make an instrument because it would take a really, really long time and it would be really hard. I wasn't really fond of doing a hard project, especially writing a paper. I liked decorating my instrument with all the stuff. I learned that if you use the same materials even if they are a little bit smaller than each other, they can still make almost exactly the same sound. I also learned that making an instrument is a lot harder than you think.