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The Whack Master

by Ethan L.

Our fifth grade class had to make a musical instrument for music class. I made a drum set. I call it the Whack Master. I got the idea of making a drum set because I play the drums. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. I spray painted it black and put some designs on it and brand names on it like Pearl and Zildagian. The Whack Master includes two toms and a crash/ride cymbal. The toms have low pitches. The cymbal has a poor tone quality.
I made the toms out of buckets and used fabric for the drum head. I took two pieces of sheet metal for the cymbal and wood for the stand. I found the buckets and sheet metal in my garage. I got the fabric from a fabric store. The wood was in my basement.

I riveted the fabric to the drum with a rivet gun. I wrapped wire around the drum for backup. I took the two pieces of sheet metal and put nails in between them. I sealed the sheet metal by hammering the edges of the sheet metal together. Then I screwed the cymbal to a two feet long wooden pole. Then I screwed the wooden Pole to a piece of wood. My Dad riveted the fabric to the drum, sealed the cymbal with the hammer, and cut the wood. I painted everything, screwed everything together and I cut the sheet metal. A problem I had was deciding whether I should put everything on one stand or make a stand for each. I decided to make a stand for the cymbal and I would put the toms on a table.

You play my instrument by hitting one of the toms or the cymbal. You can change the volume on my instrument by hitting something harder or softer.

Making this project was fun. I liked it because I'm interested in drums. I learned what a rivet gun is and how to use one.