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The Beater

by Evan V.

The name of my instrument is the Beater. I got the idea from just banging around with two pencils and I thought it was really cool. My instrument belongs to the percussion family because you hit it. I also like my instrument because it is very colorful. The drums in my instrument do not all sound the same. One has a low pitch and the other has a high pitch.
The materials that I used on my instrument were two shoe boxes, a computer box , and a cereal box. Also, I used a cardboard box and paint. My shoe boxes came from my skateboarding shoes that I paid 55 dollars for. I got my cereal box from my drawers, where there's probably food from 1609. I got my computer box right next to the computer and I got my cardboard box from my back porch. Lastly, I found my paint lying around on my table doing nothing but taking up space.

I am going to describe my drum and cymbal. The computer box had a lot of directions on how to work the computer on the front. For my cereal box, it was a Heartland brand. It was a kind of nasty tasting cereal so that is why I am using it. The computer box was long and kind of wide. My shoe boxes were long and wide.

First I took my cardboard box and put it down and put the computer box first. Then I added the shoe box and then I put my cereal box on. After that I added the cereal box and the other shoe box and the cymbal. My Dad told me how to brush the paint on properly because he does it for a living. I had some problems trying to fit the cymbal on the cardboard box so I put it up against one of the drums and glued it on. Another problem was I had trouble keeping the paint on the table so I lifted it up and painted it that way until the last one, where I couldn't hold on to anything without touching the paint and making a mess.

I usually play it with two pencils. If it hit really hard, it makes a loud sound and if I hit it soft it make a soft sound.

I think this project was kind of cool. I got to play it and annoy my sister after I was done, because I wanted to check it to see how I could arrange the boxes.