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The Banginet

by Gregory P.

The name of my instrument is The Banginet. I got the idea from an instrument I saw, where you had to blow through a tube. I wanted to change the instrument I saw a little, so I added holes, taking the place of valves, and something to bang on. It belongs mainly to the wind family. It sounds kind of low, maybe like a bassoon. I got the name of my instrument from a clarinet, but I called it The Banginet because of the metal tin to bang on. It has not that big of a range of pitch, but it has a high volume.
The materials I used for the Banginet were quite simple. First, I got a long cardboard tube. Next, I got an aluminum pan and a squiggly straw. I also got paint, a paintbrush and scissors. I found the tube in my attic closet. I got the pan on top of the refrigerator, and it was about to be thrown out. I found the squiggly straw in our silverware drawer, and the paint, paintbrush and scissors I got in an art cabinet.

To make my instrument, I started by folding up one end of the tube's edges. Next, I painted green paint on about an inch of the tube. I painted red on two inches of the tube, etc. Next, I cut two small holes near the end where I had folded the edges up. toward the other end, I slit one whole with the scissors, put the pan in place, and made another slit where the pan ended. Then I taped it down for support. I did this all by myself. One of the problems I came across was how to play a note with zero fingers. Another problem was if the holes were too big. I soon solved both of the problems by leaning the front of The Banginet on a chair.

To play my instrument, first you blow through the curled end. Your lips should be shaped like when you play a trombone. Now start tapping the squiggly straw against the pan, still blowing. To change the pitch, you can use the holes or tight/loosen your lips. If you blow harder or softer, or tap harder or softer, the volume will change. With this you can play the beat and the melody.

I pretty much liked the idea of creating a musical instrument, except for the essay part. I liked figuring out what different materials would make different sounds. Also, I liked clashing sounds to see what it sounds like. I learned you can't always get the sound you want from an instrument. Also, I learned to try to change volume instantly.