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The Box Guitar

by Emily M.

The name of my instrument is the Box Guitar. I got the idea for making my instrument from a book my Dad brought home from the library. The Box Guitar belongs to the string family. My instrument is a box shaped like a square. I painted and colored it. The way I made the sound was with rubber bands. I used different sizes of rubber bands to make different types of sounds. The thin rubber band makes a high pitch and the thick rubber band makes a low pitch.
The materials I used to make my Box Guitar are: rubber bands, glue, construction paper, paint, cardboard paper, and colored felt-tip markers. I found most of the materials around my house. I went to the store to get the different kinds of rubber bands needed to make the Box Guitar.

I built my instrument in several steps. First, I glued construction paper all around the box, including the cover. This helped to make the box stronger and not so flexible. Then I cut a triangular hole in the cover. This hole is called the sounding-hole. Next, I painted the sides of the box with several colors of paint. After the paint dried, I used the colored makers to decorate the top of the box. I made the bridge out of cardboard paper, painted it, and glued it to the top of the box. The bridge is what keeps the rubber bands around the box and over the bridge. (Teacher's note: The bridge helps the guitar to have a louder volume by transmitting the vibrations to the whole box, creating more resonance.) Finally, I wrapped the rubber bands around the box and over the bridge. My Mom helped me glue the construction paper on the box. My Dad helped me pick out my project. The big problem I had in making my instrument was that the "bridge' wouldn't stay down. I had to use super glue to keep it down.

A Box Guitar is played by plucking each string with your thumb and index finger. You can also strum the box guitar by dragging finger across all the strings. The pitch can be changed by plucking a different string.

I thought that making my own instrument might be very hard and boring. But it ended up being fun and easy. The part I enjoyed the best was painting and decorating the top and sides of the box. While making the box Guitar I learned that different sized rubber bands make different types of sound.