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The Jackeraka

by Jack D.

The name of my musical instrument is the Jackeraka. I got the idea of making it by just brainstorming and just coming up with the idea. The Jackeraka belongs to the percussion family. The instrument is made with a long tube. It has beads attached to it and small clay mosaic tiles and beads inside it. The change in volume depends upon how you shake it.
The materials I used for the Jackeraka were a wrapping paper tube, beads, purple ribbon, mosaic tiles, spice tops, and tape. I found the materials around my house. The main cylinder is the cardboard tube n the wrapping paper. My Mom had wooden beads to make the clicking sound. The ribbon held the beads. The mosaic tiles are in the cardboard tube to make a shaky kind of sound. The spice tops were to cover the cardboard tube with the mosaic tiles inside. And the tape was covering the spice tops for extra support.

Here is how I made the Jackeraka. First, I found all the materials around the house. I had a problem finding out what would cover the cardboard tube. My Mom and I looked and looked and finally found something. It was a spice top. I started making it by having the tube, then putting beads and mosaic tiles in it. Then my Mom punched out holes in the cardboard tube. After that I put ribbon through the holes. Then I put the wooden beads through the ribbon. Then my Mom knotted all of them. I put the spice tops on and put the tape over it and then I was done.

You can play the Jackeraka many different ways. You can shake it or spin it. You change the volume by how you shake it. When you shake the Jackeraka it makes a rainstick-like sound with hard knock like sounds. When you spin it you hear a constant knocking sound. So, instead of hearing only one sound, you can hear two.

My reaction to this project was I really didn't want to do it and thought it stunk. What I liked about it was I've pretty much always wanted to make an instrument and now I can say I did. I also liked threading the beads. I learned it's not easy to make an instrument. Also, it's tough to make an instrument that can make a clear sound.