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The Gutt Buckett

by Jordan D.

The name of my is the Gutt Buckett, which I named after the very first homemade bass. I got the idea from the Virtual Museum of Music Inventions web site. On the web site I saw Carolyn P.'s Unitar, which has only one string. I guessed there are more notes on the Gutt Buckett because it has three strings. Each string has a different tone quality and you control the pitch by rocking the wood back and forth. It looks like a very old bass because the first homemade basses were made from wash tubs and wood and string. The Gutt Buckett is in the string family.
The materials that I used are a long piece of wood, a big bucket, guitar strings, screws and washers. I found the screws, washers, and bucket in my basement. I bought the wood from Home Depot and the strings from Guitar Fun, a music store.

I made the Gutt Buckett by getting a bucket and painting it. Using a wood file, I put a groove in the wood so it would hook on to the rim of the bucket. I made the holes in the bucket so the strings could go through the bucket. My Dad helped me with getting the strings and by screwing the strings into the wood. We tried getting a sound with wire, but it didn't sound like musical notes. He agreed with me and we bought guitar strings instead of using the wire.

You play my instrument by plucking the strings. Each string is a different pitch. You can change the pitch by moving the wood back and forth. You can change the tone color by pulling the wood back and forth. The groove in the bucket helps the stick go back and forth to change the pitch and tone color. you cannot change the volume; it is already clear.

I had so much fun making this instrument. I learned that nothing is easy to do and it takes a lot effort to do a musical instrument . I also learned how string instruments make their sounds.