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The Boom Bang Cans

by Joey L.

The name of my instrument is the Boom-Bang Cans. I got the idea when I realized how much I'm banging pencils and pens around at home. I thought, "Hey, if I'm supposed to make an instrument for music class, I'll make something that I can pound on and not break anything." The Boom-Bang Cans belong to the Percussion Group because you hit them with something -- in this case, chopsticks I found at home. My instrument is simply just a bunch a different sized cans bunched together. Some cans have a high pitch because they're smaller. Others have a deeper pitch because they're bigger.
The materials I used were: five metal cans, an Army belt my Dad had, duct tape, and tin foil to cover the wooden chopsticks. I also used some paper to cover the cans. The cans were soup, juice and vegetable cans that my Mom was about to throw into the recycling bin. The duct tape was some my Dad had in a drawer. Also, the tin foil was in a drawer, the paper -- my Mom had gotten from a store and was sitting on a shelf where I couldn't reach it. I also used some pieces of a hanger my Mom had.

How I made my instrument? Well, first I took my cans and taped them the way they are now. I put the hanger pieces under the tape, though, first! Next, I decorated the Boom-Bang Cans with paper and markers so they looked nice. Then I fit the belt around my waist. I then hooked the hanger pieces into the holes on my belt. I wrapped the chopsticks in tin foil and started playing. My Dad helped me wrap the tape around the cans. I made sure the belt was tight enough that the cans fell down on my legs. I wrapped the chopsticks in tin foil. I also decorated the cans. But, my Dad helped me figure out how much paper I was going to need. The only problems we had were the duct tape ripping every now and then, the fact that we could never figure out exactly how tight my belt needed to be, and the tin foil ripping when I tried to wrap it around the chopsticks.