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LaCrisha's Rain stick

by Lachrisha M.

The name of my instrument is the rain stick. I got this idea because I had seen a real one that a kid made so I said, "Let me try to make that instrument because I think it's cool". My instrument is in the percussion family. I think my instrument looks like a rainbow pole. It sounds like rain. I guess that's why they call it rain stick.
The materials I used for this project are: black tape, pieces of water bottle, colored paper, straight pins, paper towel roll, and rice. I had the black tape at my house. I had pieces of water bottle at my house. I had colored paper, paper towel roll and rice at my house. I had to buy straight pins. I used the tape to cover up the straight pins. I used pieces of a bottle to cover up the sides. I used the colored paper to decorate the rain stick. I used the straight pins to go into the rain stick. I used the rice to make the sound of rain.

First, I took the paper towel roll and stuck pins into it. Then I put the tape on it and my mother helped me. The third thing I did was to cut out round pieces of a water bottle. Then I put the pieces on the ends of the paper towel roll and covered them up with black tape. Fourth, I poured rice in. I didn't have any problems making this instrument.

My instrument is very easy to play. All you do is turn it upside down slowly and it makes a sound. My instrument can change volume when you shake it. There are two ways you can play this instrument. One way is to shake it and another way is to turn it upside down.

One of the things I liked about this project was working with my mother on it. I didn't really learn anything about doing this project but I did really have a fun time doing it.