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Luke's Rain Stick

by Luke M.

The name of my instrument is the Rain Stick. I got the idea of making a rain stick because I like percussion instruments. Also I wanted to learn and try an instrument from a different culture. This instrument is in the percussion family. Rain sticks were originally made in Africa. My instrument sounds like soft rain drops on the roof and the shaking of beads. It is not very loud in volume. Its pitch is pretty low but it can get higher when you shake it.
The materials that used in the project were a wrapping paper tube, construction paper, tape, colored pencils, plastic wrap, a ruler, rubber bands, a pencil, and dry rice. I found all of the materials at my house. Most of them were in my kitchen and dining room. The tube's color was a mix of tan and brown. It was long and skinny. The colored paper was medium sized and blue. The plastic wrap was greenish blue. The dry rice was old and from Georgia.

I made my instrument by doing these steps: First, I got all of the materials. Then I measured the paper and cut it. then I made some pictures with colored pencils. After that I taped the pictures onto the wrapping paper stick. then I put one of the plastic wrap pieces on the tube and put the rice in and put the other piece on. that is how I made my iv. My Mom helped by measure it so that the line was straight. Also, she helped me assemble it. I made the pictures and everything else myself. The first problem that I had was that I used Cray pas for my drawings. This was a problem because the drawings were smearing. I solved this problem by doing the pictures over with colored pencils. Another problem was that my first end couldn't hold the rice. I solved that by using plastic wrap, using less rice, and making the rubber bands. tighter.

You can play the Rain Stick in at least three ways. You can shake it. You can tape it with your fingers. And you can also tilt it slowly or fast. When you shake it you will get a louder volume than if you tilt it slowly. When you tilt it slowly it has a softer volume.

I really had fun making my musical instrument. It also made me appreciate music more. I really liked making the pictures. I also liked to make music in my own way. It was fun to play it. I learned that it is hard to make a successful musical instrument . It takes a lot of time and work. Also I learned that you can make an instrument in many different ways.