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Cha Cha Maraca

by Max N.

The name of my instrument is the Cha Cha Maraca. I was going to make a drum, but I decided to make a maraca. It is a percussion instrument. I put all kinds of designs on it to make it look good. It sounds like a shaker. You cannot change the pitch, but you can change the volume by shaking it harder.
I used a big wiffle ball and tape and a wooden stick. I found the ball under my porch. I found the tape and the wooden pole in my basement. The wiffle ball was big and yellow. I picked tape to draw on. I had to saw off the wood pole. I also used beans.

I made it by drilling a hole in the ball. I poured beans into the hold. Then I stuck the wood pole in the hole. I put tape around the ball. Then I drew on it. My Dad drilled the hole and stuck the wood pole in it. I sawed the wood pole, poured the beans in and put tape on it. Then I drew on it. At first, the hole was too small and then we forced the wood pole in.

To play my instrument all you have to do is shake it. You can't change the pitch but to change the volume you shake it harder or softer. You can only shake it harder or softer.

I thought it was cool and hard. I thought it looked so good. I liked it a lot because I was working with my Dad. I learned it is a lot of work and a lot of fun.