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The Triangle Cap Shaker

by Melinique J.

The Triangle Cap Shaker is an idea that got from my Mom and my African heritage. It came from the percussion family. The volume can go loud or soft. If you shake it fast the volume will be loud. When you shake it slowly, the volume is soft.
The materials I used are some empty season salt bottle caps, tree branches, plastic string, paint, and spray paint. I found the season salt caps in my Mom's cabinet. I found the tree branches on the ground in my back yard. I found the plastic string from an old bag and the paint was from a kit I got last Christmas. The spray paint was in my kitchen.

First, I went outside and got some branches. Second, I took the caps off the empty season salt bottles. Third, I got the strings off of an old bag. Next, I took a medium stick off the branch to hold the caps. I used a nail and a hammer to put a hole in the caps. I put them on to the medium sized branch and tied both ends of the top of the big y-shaped part of the branch. Finally, I put two caps on a smaller stick and tied the side of it to the y-shaped branch under the medium branch.

Here is how you can play my instrument. First, you hold the stick in your hand, then you shake it from side to side. if you shake it fast you will get a loud sound. If you shake it slow there is a softer sound.

I was surprised at how the sounds changed without a lot of work. When we were in class learning about volume it seemed hard, but for my instrument it was easy. I liked gathering the materials for my instrument. I learned that it takes time to do this kind of a project.