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Ringer Dinger

by Nathan K.

My instrument is called the Ringer Dinger. My Dad and I thought of many other instruments. Finally, my Dad said, "How about you make a set of chimes?". My Ringer Dinger belongs to the percussion family. The pitch is created by the length and thickness of each eye screw. Volume is created by how hard you strike the eye screw. I painted musical notes on the top of it.

The materials I used for this instrument are: eight different sized eye screws (two each), one wood board, sixteen eye hooks, paint, wire, two more eye hooks, and a hook. My Dad found the wood board in my basement and everything else at the hardware store. The eye screws are like screws without heads and the tops are bent over. The ey hooks are like eye screws except the tops aren't all the way closed. The hook is like a screw with the top bent up slightly.

I made my instrument by screwing the sixteen eye hooks in to the wood and hanging he sixteen eye screws by them. Then I screwed the last two eye hooks in the top and ran wire though them. My Dad found the wood boards in the basement and took me to the hardware stores. I did not make any of the parts myself. One problem I had was that one of the eye hooks was the wrong size. I had to screw the larger eye hook down as far as I could without breaking the wood.

You play my instrument by hitting the eye screws with the dinger. You change the pitch by hitting another screw, and the volume by how hard you hit the eye screws. You can also play it by shaking the entire thing, but it makes a duller sound.

I thought this project was very fun. I liked screwing in the screws and painting it. I learned that the bigger the bar, the better the vibration and the better the sound!