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Blood Drum

by Dan H.

The name of my instrument is the Blood Drum. I got the idea for it from South African people. It belongs to the percussion family.
I used spray paint, water colors, and leather. I got the can from my house. I got the leather from Mrs. Rexford and I got the spray paint and water colors from my basement. The can is tall, slim and not that wide. The spray paint is blood red, the water color is orange. The leather is tight.

I took the can and spray painted it. I let it dry and then cut out the paper to test the size of leather I would need. It worked with the bigger paper. So I traced the bigger one on the leather. My parent helped my by holding a flashlight and by holding the drum skin while I put the rubber band on the can. I painted it and did a lot of the molding, the cutting and rubber banding of the head. The spray paint was always sliding down and ruining the paint job. So we flipped it upside down.

You can hit the drum with your hand or a pencil. You can change the pitch by playing the middle of the drum head or the edge of it. When you hit it with your hand it sounds hollow, but not when you use a pencil.

It was kind of fun, but it was homework so it as not as good as if you could just do it if you wanted to. It was fun spray painting it. I learned it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.