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Octavia's Guitar

by Octavia N.

The name of my instrument is Octavia's Guitar. I got the idea for making it by looking at a picture. The family of this instrument is the string family. My instrument looks like a colorful guitar. It has varieties of pitch, volume and tone quality.
The materials I used for my instrument are things that make noise. I used a big box. I found some of the materials at home and some at the store. Some of the materials were used for making the instrument and some were for the decoration.

I made my instrument by using a shoe box and putting rubber bands over the box. I made my instrument by myself, but I asked my Mom how to put the rubber bands on. I made all the parts of my instrument , though. The problem I had was how to put the rubber bands on and I solved that by asking my Mom.

To play my instrument, all you have to do is use your fingers to play the strings. You can change the volume by using two of your fingers and pulling the strings back. you can play this instrument a different way by using something little to pluck the strings with, like a pick.

My reaction to this project is that I liked doing it. The things I liked about making a musical instrument is I got to decorate it and play it. What I learned about making my own instrument is the sound I was able to make with it.