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My Guitrum Gently Weeps

by Sean G.

My instrument is called The Guitrum. I got the idea for this instrument because I wanted to make something like a drum and something like a guitar, so I put the two together. My instrument is string and percussion. It is a string instrument because part of it is a guitar and you pluck the strings. It is also a percussion instrument because on the top it is like a drum and you hit it. My instrument is shaped like a can and it is gold. On one side of it there are rubber bands pulled across that make a sound like a banjo. Separately, I made another can with a cymbal on it and that makes a crash sound when you hit it with a mallet. It is silver.
I used a lot of different materials for making my instrument. I used two coffee cans. I also used three rubber bands and a coffee can lid. Some other things I used were tape, spray paint, a metal disc and finally a nail. I had found all these items in my house.

It was hard to make my instrument. First, I found all the supplies I needed. Then the first thing I had to do was cut off the bottom of the can, so I put the rubber bands in. Next, my Mom painted the can and put the coffee can lid on so the drum part would work. Then my Dad made holes for the rubber bands to go in. After that my Dad helped me put the rubber bands through the holes in the can. He looped the rubber bands around the bottom edge of the can and tied them. Then I made the cymbal. My Mom painted the second coffee can. My Dad made a hole in the can so the cymbal would stay in place. then he put a nail through the hole. Next I took the bottom of the can that my Dad had cut off from the first can to make the cymbal. The last thing I did was to make the drumsticks. For this all I had to do was put a cork on a big toothpick.

There are three main ways to play my guitrum. One of them is that on the drum side you beat it with the drumsticks to play it. the other way is that on the guitar side you can either pluck or stroke the rubber bands. The last main way to play it is by hitting the cymbal with the drumstick. You can change the pitch on the guitar side by plucking different strings. You can play loud or soft by plucking harder or lighter. You can play the drum a different way by just using your hands to play it.

I was surprised at how good my instrument turned out to be. I was also surprised about how easy making the instrument was. I liked making the instrument, but I didn't really like writing the essay. I learned about making things out of stuff that was just lying around.