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The Sethanator

by Seth M.

The name of the musical instrument I made is the Sethanator! I got the idea from my friend James. We were talking about homework and I mentiond the project in music and he told me to do the drums. (James plays them.) The family my instrument belongs to is the percussion family because it is played by hitting something.
The materials I used to make the Sethanator were two metal cans, one Altoids box, four glass cans, and one coolwipe container. Last, but not least, a Starbucks metal can. All of my materials I used I found at my house. The basic materials I used were cans.

I made my instrument by putting cans on a piece of wood. My Dad helped me only three times, putting the "cymbal" on, gluing the glass bottles to the wood and finding the spray paint. I did everything else. To tell you the truth, I don't think I had any problems.

You play the instrument by hitting the cans with the wooden spoons. The pitch goes up and down by hitting different cans. You can play my instrument some different ways, like hitting only one can or using only one wooden spoon, etc.

I had fun making this project. I didn't like writing this paper, though. I didn't learn anyting because I already knew all this stuff.