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The Holiday Bottle Boomer

by Spencer S.

The name of my instrument is as seen above it is The Holiday Bottle Boomer. I got the idea when my mom told me that she had seen a six pack of glass Coca-Cola bottles. I thought I could make an instrument out of it. My instrument falls in the percussion and woodwind family.
I used many materials to make my instrument. I used Coke bottles, ribbons, a wooden spoon, and some water. I found the Coke bottles at the Jewel. I found everything else at my house. I used empty Coke bottles as the thing to put the water in and hit with the wooden spoon. I used the ribbon to decorate the bottles. I used the wooden spoon to hit the bottles and make a noise. I put the water in the bottles to make the pitch change.

I made my instrument by taking the bottles, decorating them, filling them with water and hitting them. My mom helped me by giving me the idea of what to make. She also gave me the idea on how to decorate it. My dad helped me fill the bottles with the correct amount of water. I decorated it my self. I did not know how to decorate my instrument so I asked my mom how I should decorate it and she got an idea from a bottle she had seen that had ribbons tied all around it. I did not know what amount of water I should put in each bottle so my dad helped me.

You play my instrument by taking the wooden spoon and hitting it against the bottles. You change pitch by hitting different bottles (most water lowest least water highest). You change volume by hitting it softer or harder. The different way you play my instrument is to blow on the top of the bottle but it doesn't work very well and the notes are backwards.

I liked this project and thought it was fun. I liked making the instrument but did not like writing this essay. I learned that it is not that hard to make an instrument and there is a lot of stuff in my house.