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The Rattle Drum

by Tiara H.

First, my instrument is called the Rattle Drum. It is made out of a coffee can with wall paper wrapped on it for a design. After that, I put alphabets inside and a little rice to make it so I could shake the drum. When I drum on it you can almost hear the alphabets and the rice kind of rattle at the same time.
I got this idea of making a drum from my Mom because she drinks a lot of coffee. She and my uncle were just getting doe with that can so she let me take the can. She told me to use it for my instrument. First, wash the coffee out, then I could start putting things in it like rice. I already knew that. Almost everyone had made a drum with rice inside it, so I put rice in it but I also put some alphabets in it so that way I wouldn't be the same as everybody else. I would have something that was the same but also different, in a way.

I got the name "Rattle Drum", combining the way things were put together in the can. When you combine them together you would get this name because it rattles and it is a drum.

I still needed some drum sticks so I first decided to use some butter knives but I remembered that we couldn't have weapons in school so I just decided to use some of the mallets in the music room. After that I was finally done and I thought making this was very fun.