by Victor L.

The name of my instrument is Drusymbol. It's a drum and cymbal set. I got the idea from the instrument that I play, which is the drum. The Drusymbol is in the percussion family, because you hit it and it makes a sound. I used plastic wrap for the cover because it helps the sound quality. When it is loose it doesn't have a clear/solid sound. It vibrates too much. When it's tight, it has a solid clear volume and pitch. It is a better sound conductor when it is tight.
My mom and I got most of the materials from the Good Will store. I choose wooden spoons for sticks and a tin can for the drum. I used plastic wrap for the cover/top and rubber bands to hold it in place. I had those at home. The nail and clay that I used to hold the nail in the wooden candleholder, I had those at home. The candleholder is the base for the symbol, and that came from the Good Will store. The foil pan for the symbol and hammer to make a hole in the symbol I had at home.

To make my instrument I stretched the plastic wrap over the top of the tin can. My mom showed me how to pull it tight so it won't have wrinkles and make it have a better sound. I used rubber bands around the can so it will keep the plastic wrap in place for a good, clear, solid sound. For the symbol, I used a foil pan with a hole in the center and put it over the nail. The same nail I used to make the hole. The head of the nail I put in the candleholder and used clay to keep it straight. My mom wrapped a rubber band on the tip of the upside down nail to stop the tin pan from sliding. Then I spray-painted it. I bought some parts of it from the store and put my instrument together. I had one problem with the spray paint smearing. So I made it part of my decoration.

To play my Drucymbal, you use wooden spoons to hit the drum and symbol. To change the volume or pitch, you add extra covers to lower the sound on the drum. For the symbol add an extra pan to increase sound. You can use it as a bongo drum and play it with your hands. The sticks have a higher pitch than your hands, which will have low volume, and low pitch. Your hands are heavier than sticks.

I liked making the project. I hated writing this essay. It was fun building and working with new things such as spray paint. I liked hammering things, too. You have to think and not rush to make something as good as my Drucymbal.