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Bottle Bass

by William H.

My instrument is called the Bottle Bass. I got the my idea by trying to make another type of instrument. So it was a failure that turned into a success. The instrument belongs to the percussion family. My instrument sounds like the bass drum and it has a very low pitch. It looks like a pop bottle. The volume of my instrument can go very loud and very smooth.
The materials I used were a pop bottle and water. Mrs. Rexford let me have the bottle for my project.

Here are directions for making my instrument. Fill a pop bottle almost full of water and put the top on. No one helped me with the project, but my Mom gave me some suggestions. I didn't actually make anything on the instrument. The problem I had with it was, when I took the top off, it didn't really make a sound and it dented.

I play my instrument by hitting it from the sides. I change the volume by hitting it harder and softer. I can only play it one way.

I thought the project was great. The best thing about the project was when I got to fill the bottle up with water. I learned that my instrument vibrates a lot.