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The Window Seal

by Rakeem S.

My instrument's name is the Window Seal because it is made from a window frame. I got the idea from the chimes in Ms. Rexford's music room. It belongs to the percussion family because you hit it to make its sound. My instrument's pitch is probably mostly low because I only have a couple of small bars. It is really fun to play because you can play it a lo of different ways. For example, you can play it by shaking or hitting it.
As I said in the first paragraph, I made it out of a window frame. Some other things are: eye hooks and metal poles and string. I got the poles from the hardware store. My grandma brought the string. I got my frame under the porch because under the porch is where we put all of our old stuff.

I put in the eye hooks and I put the lines where my Dad was supposed to cut the poles and I put the poles on. The problem that I had was the poles falling so I didn't play it at all. My parents helped by drilling holes and cutting the poles.

I can play it either with a mallet or shake it. I can change the volume by hitting it harder or softer. I can change the pitch by hitting different poles.

When I first heard about the project I was so excited because we were going to make our own instruments. I liked putting the eye hooks in because I got to hammer them in. I learned that even if your instrument does not look good it can still sound good.