by Andrei J.

The name of my instrument is the Pipesiphone. I got the name because I used pipes and it is a saxophone. I got the idea from all the pipes in my basement. I was thinking of what I could make with them. Then I thought of trying to make a saxophone. My instrument belongs in the woodwind family. My instrument looks really good. The pitch is high and the volume is loud. The tone quality for my instrument is pretty good.

The materials I used for my instrument were: pipes, a party blower, a key chain, a shoelace, spray paint, and CVS cement. I found most of the materials in my house but I found the CVS and spray paint at a store. The pipes were white, hard, and smooth. The spray paint was gold and shiny, and the party blower sounded loud.

The next thing I did was gather some pipes. Next I decided how to put the pieces together. First I used CVS to put the pieces together. Then I drilled holes in the pipes. Last I spray painted it real good. My dad helped me by torching the instrument so the pieces would fit. I spray painted, drilled holes, and I put the CVS on the pipes so the pipes would stick together for a long time. The problem I had was thinking of what I should make. Then when I went to my basement I thought of making a saxophone.

I play my instrument by blowing into the party blower which is attached to the saxophone. The Pipesiphone has holes. I have different party blowers so the other party blowers will change the sound.

I really liked making this project. It was really fun. I liked making it because it was a fun and creative project which required a lot of work. I learned that everyone could make an instrument even if they aren't professional.