The Saxabone

by Brian C.

This essay is about the instrument called The Saxabone. I decided to call my instrument The Saxabone because it is a combination between a saxophone and a trombone. The Saxabone is a woodwind instrument. It has a low pitch and it is loud. This essay will tell you the materials used to make and decorate The Saxabone and the steps it took to make it. In addition, this essay will tell you how to blow and change the pitch and the notes on The Saxabone.

The materials used to make The Saxabone were P.V.C. pipes, cork, spray paint, a tenor saxophone reed, and a tenor saxophone mouthpiece. I got the P.V.C. pipes from a hardware store. The tenor reed and mouthpiece came from a music store. I had the spray paint and the cork around my house.

The steps I did to build The Saxabone are as follows: First, I had to decide what instrument I was going to make. Then I needed to get the materials to create The Saxabone. My dad helped me build the instrument. First we put a piece of cork in the larger P.V.C. pipe. Next my dad and I stuck the smaller P.V.C. pipe in the P.V.C. pipe with the cork in it. Then we put an angle P.V.C. pipe on each end of The Saxabone. After that we stuck a tenor saxophone mouthpiece with a tenor saxophone reed attached to it on one end of The Saxabone.

Finally, my dad painted The Saxabone with red and black spray paint. My dad painted The Saxabone because the spray paint we were using was toxic. We had no problems making The Saxabone.

Now I will tell you how to play The Saxabone. In order to play The Saxabone, blow on the mouthpiece as though it was a saxophone mouthpiece. Change the volume of The Saxabone by blowing harder or softer. Change the pitch ofThe Saxabone by sliding the bottom P.V.C. pipe.

I was surprised how well The Saxabone came out. I thought The Saxabone was going to sound a lot worse. I liked this project because I got to work with my dad and I could make a lot of racket without getting in trouble. Making this instrument I learned that playing tenor saxophone is difficult. I learned how hard Mr. Sax (the person who invented the saxophone) had to work to make an instrument. Lastly, I thought that, even though it was hard, it was fun to make The Saxabone. The only problem was that this essay wasn't fun.