The K.A.

by Brian H.

The name of my instrument is called the K.A. My instrument is a percussion instrument. My instrument is a drum type. The K.A. makes a grinding sound and it makes a shotgun sound.

I made my instrument with a coffee can. The second thing I did was I marked it. I also have sticks to go with the instrument. I found my materials in my dad's tool box. I used black markers,tape, and a coffee can.

I got the coffee can and marked it with the markers. I got the coffee can from Mrs. Rexford. I made the instrument by myself except getting it. I didn't have any problems making my instrument.

I play my instrument with sticks. It can make five different pitches. It can make a K.A. sound or a shotgun sound or a grinding sound.

I thought this project was easy. I thought it was fun that I got to make my own instrument. I now know how to make a loud noise.