Click the photo to hear the sound.

The Bang Blow

by Chris G.

Click the photo to hear the sound.

My instrument, the Bang-Blow was an idea from the glass organ on an instruction sheet I used. The Bang-Blow belongs to the percussion and wind families. All of the bottles have two pitches.

To make the Bang-Blow I used bottles, water, food coloring, and paint. I got the bottles at the store. I got the paint and food coloring around the house. The water just came from the tap.

My parents and I started off by getting the labels and dried glue off the bottles. Next I painted the top parts of the bottles. Lastly I colored the water.

I play Bang-Blow by either hitting it with a chopstick or blowing over the opening like a flute. I can change the pitch by blowing over or hitting different bottles. If I hit the bottles from the one with the least water to the one with the most water the pitch goes down. If I do the same process with blowing the pitch goes up.

It was fun because the only rule was it had to make a sound. I liked it because I could mess around while I did it. I learned that when you hit a glass bottle filled with water the glass vibrates.