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Salt Box Shakers

by Charvis P.

My Instrument is a rattle and where I got my idea from was the music book. My instrument is a percussion instrument. The volume for my instrument is loud. Why? because if you have less seeds you will have a soft volume. If you have more seeds you will have a louder volume. I have more seeds. That makes it louder.

What I used for my instrument was seeds, sticks, tape, and two salt boxes. Where I got my instrument from was the store. These are the steps to make a rattle. First, you find two salt boxes and make two holes in them. Then you get a stick and put it in the hole. Last you put the tape on the open side. This is how you make it.

The adult who helped me on my instrument was my mom. The part that I made was the seeds and the tape. My mom bought the salt and found two wooden, clean sticks. She made the holes too. The problem was at first how would I find two salt boxes. We got the two salt boxes from out neighbor.

How I play my instrument is I just shake it up and down. I can change the pitch by tapping it. From the sound of my instrument I think that it is a good pitch because it is loud. It has a nice sound and a nice rhythm. When I colored it it looks like it is from an Indian tribe.