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The Bingle-Bangers

by Calvin S.

What to do, what to do! The name of my instrument is Bingle-Bangers. It happens to be a percussion style shaker. It's made out of soda cans. I thought soda cans were boring. Horrible instrument. I dropped a paper clip and a screw into it. Hmmmm......

My instrument is soda cans. One has beans inside, another the screw, and the last has a pop cap. I got green, yellow, and orange construction paper. I wrapped them around the cans and decorated them with designs. Finally, I taped off the top. Voila!

I had quite a bit of help. Mom drank a Diet Coke and gave me the can. I had the original idea. I also supplied the Sprite can and the construction paper. I got the screw from a clay duck paper clip holder made by my brother. The beans were Mom's idea. I got the pop cap from my Sprite. We had to figure out how to cover the top. We finally decided on invisible tape. The only problem was that the beans stuck to the tape. The Bingle-Bangers turned out fine.

My instrument has three cans. Being as I only have two hands, I often would have to make a transition. By slamming the cans firmly down, I could make more sound without stopping the phrase. I found the screw is best for getting attention, beans for the song, and pop cap as accompaniment. It's really cool. It reminds me of STOMP. It's the fun of drums without the drums! It's a one-man band!

In my opinion, it's amazing. Clink-Clank, zsit-zsit, Bang! Thoom-Thoom. There are at least five different noises you can make! Just because an instrument has a set function, doesn't mean there aren't other things you can do with it. Explore with your instrument!