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The Chinese Shoko

by Devante T.

My instrument is called the Chinese Shoko, which is another word for Gong. The first thing I did was go downstairs in the basement and work on the stand with my friend. We needed four small little wooden blocks about 5 inches long. My friend's name is Mr. Craig. He is a friend of the family. Mr. Craig did all the cutting and I did all the nailing to make the pieces hold together.

The next thing was to pick out some type of rod that would fit in the hole. We also had to see if the height was just right so that we would have room to attach the metal pan. I didn't have the pan yet so I had to measure it with a paper plate.

My mom and I went to Jewel-Osco to get a pizza pan but they didn't have one so we had to use a pie pan instead.

Later I came home and poked a hole in the pie pan and then I painted a peace symbol on the front from a Japanese book.