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The Smoking Guitar

by David W.

My musical instrument is called the Smoking Guitar. I got the idea for The Smoking Guitar from a slide guitar. The Smoking Guitar is a string instrument. It looks like a long piece of wood attached to a cigar box. The pitch varies, from very low to very high.

The materials used for The Smoking Guitar were a cigar box with the top off, a long piece of wood, two guitar strings, two four block LEGO pieces, and ten screws. I also used a power drill, a saw, a wood filer, a screw driver, a permanent marker, and some wood glue. I got these materials from around my house. To play my instrument I use a spice jar and a guitar pick.

To make my instrument, my dad helped me saw off part of the wood so I wouldn't have to stretch my arm very hard. I filed away the edge so it was smooth. My dad drilled four holes, two on each end. One end had two screws; the other end had two screws. I thne put the two LEGOs in, one on each end. My dad put two more screws in on each end to stop the LEGOs from sliding. I then attached the strings. One end of each string went around a screws. The string went up over the first LEGO piece, down the second LEGO piece, and around a screw. I attached the second string the same way. Then it was time to mark the notes. Using the permanent marker, I drew in every note. Finally, I painted it. I decided I should paint only the cigar box. I painted two sides blue and three sides gold. I had made my instrument.

To play my instrument, I plucked the strings with the guitar pick. To make it louder, I plucked harder. To change the pitch, I touch the spice jar to the string and pluck again.

In conclusion, I liked this project a lot. I learned that making an instrument is hard, but it's worth the effort.