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The Strombowie

by Eli H.

The Strombowie is The name of my instrument. My dad helped me think of the Strombowie. My instrument is string and percussion. My instrument is a long piece of wood and metal bucket put together. It can send low pitches or high pitches.

To make this instrument you will need some long string a long piece of wood a bucket some screws a eye bolt and a hinge. I found these materials in my dads workshop. An eye bolt is a big bolt with a hole at the top of the bolt. A hinge is what makes the door swing.

First, you get a metal bucket. Then screw the hinge on the metal bucket. Then you screw a piece of wood whatever length you choose onto the hinge. Then you get some string and an eyebolt and you put you put the eyebolt in the center of the bucket. Then you tie the string through the eyebolt. Then on the higher end you bring up the string tie the top of the piece of wood. Attach the string to the eyebolt . There you have the Strombowie.

To play the Strombowie to must pluck, push or pull the string. You can change the pitch by making the string get tighter and tighter. The second way to play is to bang on it with drum sticks.

The thing I liked about making it was I got to pluck the string about 100 times. I learned that you can get hurt with an instrument. My reaction to this project was I felt happy.