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by Eric M.

The reason why I chose a drum is because drums come from many places. Sometimes drums can be very ancient. Some Indians use these drums for certain things.

One of the first people who made a drum was a Lakota Indian. The Lakota Indians made many drums. Then he started using them for a lot of personal things. Sometimes they sell them to peole that want them for some things they need it for.

I made my drums by using parts that are good for drums like paper and cans so I can hit the bottom of the drum. When I tried to put it around my neck it seemed lkike those other drums when I hit side to side. The drums make those good low pitch sounds that I like.

When I tried it the drum made a pretty good sound like a real drum that you use for a band or a drum that an Indian can use. There are many kinds of drums. Steel drums originated in Trinidad and are made from oil drums. Talking drums imitate the tones of spoken languages and are used by some cultures to transmit messages. The tamborine is a small frame drum from the Middle East. The modern drum set is used in jazz and rock music.