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The Circle Harp

by Grace W.

The name of my musical instrument is The Circle Harp. I got the idea to make a harp when I thought I could use wood and my mom's extra harp strings. My instrument belongs to the string family. It is a wooden plate with glitter, spray paint, sequins and screw eyes holding the strings. It sounds like a Middle Eastern harp.

First, the materials I used to make my instrument were: spray paint, glitter, a wooden plate, glue, screw eyes, and harp strings. I got the harp strings from my mom and everything else was from Michael's arts and crafts store. The tool I used was a hole starter.

Secondly, the procedures were: first I bought and found the supplies. Next I decorated the plate. Next I made the holes and put the screw eyes in. After that I tied the strings on and tuned them by tightening the screws. My dad helped put in the screws and tie the strings and I did everything else. Some problems that I had were: the strings would pop and get loose. When the strings popped I put on new ones and didn't tighten them as much. When the strings would get loose I put on some glue to help them stay.

Lastly, you play my instrument by strumming or plucking the strings. The pitch changes when you tighten the screws which makes more tension on the strings. The amount of tension, length and thickness of the strings are what makes the different pitches.

In conclusion, I liked this project because you get to be creative. Also, you get to see how well you can make a musical instrument. I learned that length, thickness, and tension are what make different pitches.