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The Torambo

by Hayley M.

My instrument's name is the Torambo. I got the idea for making the Torambo from my dad. The Torambo takes place in the percussion family. It sounds cool because on the mallet, there are different parts that hit at different times.

The supplies I used for making the Torambo are: a round tin box, a super ball, leather strips, felt, and beads. My dad came up with the idea, and my mom helped me buy the supplies needed. I made the whole Instrument myself.

I made the Torambo by getting a wood piece and my dad drilled holes in it. Then I put the leather strips through the holes. Next, I put the beads on the end of the leather strips. Lastly, I hot glued the rubber ball to the top of the wood stick and hot glued the piece of felt over the rubber ball. I couldn't figure out how to make the mallet, so we asked a lady at Michael's. She gave me the idea.

You hit the box with the mallet and the beads hit at different times. You can change the volume by hitting at different speeds. If you hit really hard, the volume is louder than if you hit it soft. You can play the Torambo two different ways, with the rubber ball, or with the beads. The sound changes because the ball just sounds like a regular drum mallet, and the beads hit at different times to make a different sound.

My reaction to this project is I was happy because I really like my instrument. I liked hot gluing. It was fun. The other part that I liked about making it is I was stressed out. I like being stressed out because I always know that it's going to be okay. I learned that even if it seems impossible, (It sounded like it was) it's not.