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Pipe Flute

by John M.

My instrument is called the Pipe Flute. I got the idea of making this instrument by watching someone play it on TV. My instrument is in the wind family. It does not have a reed and you don't bang on it.

The materials that I used were pvc pipe and a cap for the mouthpiece. I found my materials in my basement near some other pipes. Other tools I used were a rattail file, drill, and sand paper.

I made my instrument starting with the pvc pipe and drilled seven holes in it with a drill. Six of them were hand keys and one was the mouthpiece. I put the cap on and drilled a hole in the cap and the pipe and placed the cap on the pipe. My dad helped me by finding the tools I needed. I made the holes myself and did the sanding myself. The problems I had were it was difficult to place the holes. I solved it by putting blue tape on the pvc pipe in the middle.

I play my instrument by setting up like a flute player and kind of blowing into it. I change the pitch by putting my fingers on the holes.

What I liked most about making my musical instrument was drilling the holes. Also, another thing I liked to do was spray painting it German silver. I learned that it's hard making different pitches and volumes. I was so excited when I played notes on my project!