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My Bango Instrument

by Kenechukwu A.

I saw the idea for my instrument on a piece of paper. My instrument family is percussion. It sounds low in pitch. I used a coffee can so I put a card board paper over it and colored it with blue color pencil. The word Bango I under lined with black marker.

I used a coffee can, a white piece of paper and a marker and color pencil. I found the coffee can in Ms. Rexford's room.

I built my instrument by taking a piece of paper, put it around the coffee can, then closed the coffee can so the paper won't come out. Then I cut the paper. Then I took marbles and put them in there so the thing can make chatting sounds. Next I took a cardboard paper and wrapped it around it. Then I wrote Bango around it and decorated it with hearts, dots and lines. An adult didn't help me. I didn't make anything by my self I just got stuff and put it together to make an instrument. When I was doing the paper part I had to take it out so I could put the marbles in so it can make that chatting sound. Then I had to put the thing back on. I had a hard time putting it back on because the paper went in when it was supposed to stick out.

You can play the instrument by using your hands or a stick. To make it be loud you need to put a lot of marbles in it. To make it be a soft sound make a hole in the coffee can and take away some marbles. You can play my instrument three ways: you can hit it on the top, slide it on the top, and hit it on the bottom. The bottom makes a higher pitch than the top and the top makes a lower pitch than the bottom.

My reaction was that making the instrument was going to be easy. I like hitting and plucking the instrument when it's done. I learned that the instrument looks so cool and has different pitches and volume.