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The Chimer

by Katherine R.

My instrument is called "The Chimer". I got the idea for making this from chimes. The instrument family "The Chimer" comes from is the percussion family. My instrument is colorful and is of medium size. When you hit the hanging silverware with a spoon, it makes a chiming sound. "The Chimer" has different pitches depending on what you hit. I think the tone quality is good on "The Chimer".

The materials I used are silverware, a colorful cooking mat, and different colored strings to hang the silverware on. The cooking mat is for hanging the strings on. I found these things in easy places around my house. I found silverware in one of the kitchen drawers. I found the cooking mat in a cabinet. Also, I found the strings up in my attic. One of the tools I used for making "The Chimer" is a thin hook to pull the strings through the cooking mat.

I made my instrument by putting all of those materials together. After it is made, you hit it with a metal spoon for a nice sound. I did most of the work myself, but my parents helped me touch it up and make it look and sound better. I put the instrument together and had the idea but my parents helped me find the materials. One of the problems I had making "The Chimer", was that I could not get the silverware to hang on the cooking mat. I solved this problem by cutting string so I could tie the silverware on the mat, instead of trying to knot around it.

"The Chimer" is played by hitting the silverware with a metal spoon. Hitting the silverware harder or lighter can change the volume. Hitting the silverware that are different sizes or different metals can change the pitch. "The Chimer" can be played two different ways. One way is to hit the silverware with a spoon. Another way is to shake "The Chimer" and jingle the silverware together. The sound is different depending on which way you play the instrument. When you shake "The Chimer" you hear different pitches, but when you hit it with a spoon, it sounds like one solid pitch.

My reaction to "The Chimer" is that I feel like I accomplished something. I feel good about making "The Chimer". One of the things I liked about making my instrument is when I was stringing the strings through the cooking mat. I liked doing this because it was easy and fun. What I learned while I was making "The Chimer" was that it is hard work making an instrument. I really enjoyed making "The Chimer".