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The Congos

by Megan G.

The name of my instrument is The Congos. I thought of the name "Congo" because it sounds cool. I thought of the instrument because we have maracas downstairs in our playroom that are made out of dried fruit. My Congos are orange with pink spots, a yellow strip in the middle with yellow sticks for handles. Both of The Congos have the same pitch if you shake them the same way. My instrument is a percussion instrument.

I used all kinds of materials to make my instrument. I used papier-mâché made from flour, balloons, water, and newspaper. I used two sticks for the handles. I used paint to decorate it and dried beans for the inside. I used tape. My mom told me to use papier-mâché. I found the tape in the basement and the beans in the kitchen. My mom had the paint in her paint basket. I found the flour, newspaper and water in the kitchen.

I made The Congos by putting the papier-mâché on the balloons. My mom put them in the oven to dry. Then I popped the balloons and painted them with a tremendous amount of paint. After that, my dad and I attached the sticks with tape. Finally, I put the beans in. My mom helped me with putting on the papier-mâché. I made most of my instrument myself, except for the sticks, which my dad bought. I didn't have any problems making my instrument.

To play The Congos you just shake them. You can change the volume by shaking them harder or softer. You can also hit them on your hand to make them louder.