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Los Flores

by Maggie H.

The musical instrument that I made was maracas. I decided to name it Los Flores because I drew different kinds of flowers on them. My mom was the one who gave me the idea of making them. This is what I did.

For my materials I used flour, water, balloons, glitter glue, markers, scissors, paper towel rolls, newspaper, and tape. I got some of the materials from stores, but others I found around my house.

To make my instrument I used papier maché. I blew up two same-sized balloons. I mixed up flour and water. Then I ripped up pieces of newspaper. When I finished ripping newspaper, I dipped the pieces into the mixture. Then I placed the soaked paper around the balloon. When it dried I put a second coat on. After that dried I dipped each maraca in a different color paint -- one green and one white. Then I took different colors of glitter glue and put them on the maraca. I popped the balloons, put rice in one maraca and beads in the other. I sealed them up with tape and stuck cardboard inside. Then I was done!

The only problem that I had was the stick to hold the maraca. At first I wanted to use tongue depressors, but when I found out they wouldn't fit, that's when I had a problem. My dad said I should use cardboard instead, so I did.

The way that I can change the maraca's volume is by shaking it hard or soft. The only way that I can play the maraca is by holding their handles and shaking them.

I enjoyed making this project. The thing I enjoyed most was decorating it. I learned it isn't as easy as it looks to make an instrument.